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Default Re: To those who doubted Canelo before and said he's a hypejob, where are you now?

If anything, I overrated Canelo, and I never had his stock all that high in the first place.

I don't think hes a 'hypejob', but his stock hasn't risen in my eyes after the Trout win. I don't put Canelo, or Trout, on the pedestal they seem to be on here at ESB.

I still feel that, at this stage, in the ring (not taking into account the contexts of his age) Canelo is nothing really special. Hes a good, very solid champion with a lot of potential given his age. Nothing more, nothing less....

But hes not elite right now, and hes not a future great, imo.

Will be interesting to see his career unfold though. Like I said, hes a good fighter, good champion. Just falls short of being what his fans make him out to be, imo.
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