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Default Re: Hagler his true length?

Originally Posted by Manu Vatuvei View Post
Not really. Mosley is barely taller than Katsidis there and the difference between Katsidis and Khan is closer to 1 inch than 3. Maybe Katsidis is a true 5'7" while Mosley is a shade under 5'8" like I always thought. Khan is now listed at 5'8 1/2" by most sources and that looks bang on too!

I have De La Hoya as 5'9" or a bit less, also looking pretty good here despite the 5'10 1/2" listings he used to get

The confusing thing about this photo is Haye looks giant- if you use my heights he looks 6'3"+, if you use yours he looks 6'4"+! Haye imo is between 6'1" and 6'2" when compared with other guys closer to his height. However, something looks out of wack with his proportions in his photo, as though he may be standing on slightly higher ground (or Stallone shoes!).

Another reason I find Haye at 6'3" impossible to believe is how big he is- how can such a well built 6'3" man weigh under 220lbs? It doesn't add up.
I think you assume everyone's height is bumped up for some reason and are cutting them short (no pun intended) in the height department.

Guys that I think are pretty much undisputable with their height (Leonard at 5'10, Hearns at 6'1, Duran at 5'7, De La Hoya 5'10, Mosley 5'10, etc) and it seems that you're assuming they're all like 2-3 inches shorter, and I'm not sure why.
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