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Default Re: Now can we stop with the Khan vs Katsidis talk.

Originally Posted by BoppaZoo
this post is well shocking.
Stake if you truely believ Graham Earl was a shot fighter before the Katsidis fight why did Ring have ranked the 10th best Lightweight in the world.

so what your telling me is that Khan would put Katsidis away. i thought but i guess i should have known that someone would still think Khan is to good for Katsidis.
i know Khan age but Limond i Light puncher at Lightweight nearly put Khan away. imagine what i heavy hitter like Katsidis would do to that chin. Earl got up off the canvas 4 times against Katsidis and showed great heart.
Khan would struggle to get up being hit by Katsidis.

i was clearly trying to point out that you Khan fans wont want him going near anyone that has power after seeing this.
Yes he got up and showed heart came back and won. but were talking about a natural Light Fisted Super Featherweight here.

i think John Murray or Graham Earl would beat Khan right now. and thats no joke.
and wouldnt give Khan a chance against Thaxton,Katsidisor any other hard hitting lightweight.

Frank ****** will now put Khan in the Ring against featherfisted guys now for at least 20 more fights. you wont see Khan fight anyone inside the top ten at 135 for at least 2 years if not more.
Blah blah blah...Dude....did u read my post ...I said no way Khan beats Katsidis now.

So Ring had Manfredo in the top 10 SMW, what does it mean,,,,nothing.

Earl is shot....even more so from the pasting he took from Katsidis. he cannot even talk properly anymore, its called being punch drunk
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