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Default Re: Hagler his true length?

Originally Posted by Bill1234 View Post
I think you assume everyone's height is bumped up for some reason and are cutting them short (no pun intended) in the height department.

Guys that I think are pretty much undisputable with their height (Leonard at 5'10, Hearns at 6'1, Duran at 5'7, De La Hoya 5'10, Mosley 5'10, etc) and it seems that you're assuming they're all like 2-3 inches shorter, and I'm not sure why.
Height is a quirky little interest (weird obsession?) of mine so I'm not just assuming anything. This stuff is mostly based on independent accounts and comparisons with non-boxers I've amassed over the years. As mentioned I post on celebheights which is a pretty comprehensive and well researched site for this stuff.

I thought it was really common knowledge that most athletes are overlisted as a matter of routine but I guess I forget sometimes that most people aren't as obsessed as me and hence it probably never occurs to them that this stuff is made up.

For example, how tall do you think Michael Jordan is? The dude ain't 6'6", Ima tell you right now.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson still goes around telling the world he's 6'5" and people believe, when he isn't much above 6'2".

Stallone says he's 5'10" but is widely believed to be somewhere around 5'7"-5'9"- so how does he end up 4 inches taller than Shane Mosley, what on earth is he wearing on his feet?

In general when you compare boxers to other people (NON-BOXERS) of KNOWN (i.e. measured and not just made up or from their own mouth) height, you'll see that the boxers are 1-2 inches shorter than listed.

I could go ooooooon......
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