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Default Re: Why does Floyd need to fight Alvarez?

Originally Posted by Elite View Post
What's wrong with fighting Canelo the number #1 in his division? How else is someone suppose to progress besides fighting pointless fights?
Now that Pacquiao got beat canelo is the next guy people want to see. Floyd isn't a true middleweight, he only fought there twice. First against Oscar De La Hoya, at the time Oscar was the man calling the shots. Floyd the new up and comer agreed to all of oscars terms to make the fight so 154 it was. With cotto he wanted to fight him at his comfortable weight, both times he didn't make the 154' limit coming in under it.

I get why people want to see canelo vs mayweather. At this point canelo is the up and comer, demanding and telling Floyd the #1 biggest boxing name what to do is all wrong. Canelo is probably going to have to give a lot to get a fight with Floyd like rehydration limit "the guy came in the ring weighing 172 vs trout". That defeats the Purpose of weight classes and would give him a big advantage. Canelo at 147' if he could make that would be interesting. All I've seen lately are Floyd's a coward cherry picker, why doesn't he fight insert name here. But canelo has asked pleaded and said fight me or else but hasn't said what he's willing to give to make the fight.
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