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Default Re: Why does Floyd need to fight Alvarez?

Originally Posted by Hands of Iron View Post
He doesn't.

It would just be a Superfight in terms of how it's hype and promotion would utterly Ignite the sport in ways no other matchup can or likely will over the next 30 months.

He doesn't have to fight him for significance or belts or whatever, but if he wants to break his own PPV records and make more money than ever...

It would be a huuuuuuge fight. I say leave it til the end of Floyd's career. Alvarez still has improving to do and can build himself up to the non-Mexican/hardcore audience in the meantime. Imagine how big this fight would be if it happens in 2 years, while in the meantime Alvarez fights Cotto, Martinez, Chavez Jr., Pacquiao, and Marquez. Those are the sort of names GBP needs to be shooting for if they want to really build this as a superfight instead of a cash-in. Alvarez would be high on the p4p lists if he had those names on his resume.

In the meantime, Floyd will be fighting Guerrero, Khan, Bradley, Matthysse, and either Martinez or Marquez while becoming bigger than ever with the increased activity and exposure on CBS, etc. If they can keep active against solid opponents for the next two years, I can see this being Mayweather's send-off fight. It could sort of kind of maybe just a little erase the whole Pacquaio thing.
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