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Default Re: Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth

He gaves a blow for blow recap of his street fight with mitch green which was Hilarious reminded me of Chapelle show with Rick James and Charley Murphy. He talked about finding out that Don King was charging him $8,000 a week for towels, yes TOWELS. That was just a minor charge in the contract too. He talked about how he was railroaded with the **** charge and he to this day denies it. He provided interesting details of the case as well such as Washington have claimed **** once before, he had a tax lawyer as his defense attorney and if he would of taken a plea bargin he probably would of got off pretty easily or done very short time but he insisted on pleading not guilty despite facing up to 63 years in prison. Talked about how Cus used to wake him up all hours of the night when he was dead asleep to say things like "you were getting hit with jabs today!" and stuff like that. Told the Teddy Atlas story from his perspective which was eye opening. Talked about getting high and almost hitting a cop car. Robin givens and her mother diagnosing him and having a doctor load him up on prozac. All just really interesting stories
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