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Default Re: Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth

He said that Teddy's niece and Mike were friends and they walked home from school together a lot and hung out. he was like 15 and she was 12 and he said keep in mind I was an awkward as hell teenager with pimples and everything despite having a man's body. One day they were walking home and Mike said something along the lines of "You ever have a fantasy or a vision in your head and picture it going one way and then it totally goes wrong and you're like ABORT ABORT!!! thats what happened haha I didn't know how to be around women like that and so I grabbed her ass and immediately knew it was the wrong decision and she got upset and then later I'm walking to the gym and Teddy is kind of hanging out in the alleyway and he had a bad back from a car accident and he was always cracking it like he had turrets or something. I saw him crack his back twice and walk up real fast to me and he had a big ass gun and he shoved my against a wall and put the gun to my head and said IF YOU EVER TOUCH ANYONE IN MY FAMILY AGAIN YOU'RE DEAD! and then he shot a bullet up in the air to scare me. Cus chewed him out and he was gone the next day. Teddy's whole tough guy claim to fame is that he trained mike tyson and put a gun up to his head. I was 15, he was a grown man I wouldn't go around bragging about having to pull a gun on a kid because you couldn't fight him fair. Teddy was just Cus' assistant he didn't really do much for me. We've never spoke since, he likes to think he's a tough guy but he was born from a wealthy family and his father was a doctor. I don't know any gangsters from Staten Islands with a doctor for a father." Something to that effect of course thats not verbatim but I put the quotes to show like Mike's side of it
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