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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Beware of boxrec experts and some fathers. An unbeaten 132 pd, fighter who is 9-0, 7ko's, fought a guy from Colorado, who had a 7-7-2, 1ko record, recently. The contracted weight was 135. After the fight the father called the manager and started to read him the riot act. The father said the opponent was huge and he had been fighting welterweights.
He checked with boxrec and saw the guy, fought 5 fights over 140pds, out of 16 fights.
You have to know how to read a record you just cant take it at face value. The guy had fought from 132-144pds. The guy as most Colorado guys are tough and durable and usually travel as opponents. Colorado, is the wildwest of boxing, those guys have to fight at any weight if they want to fight. The 9-0, guy was figured to go the distance and win a decision, which is what happened. The colorado guy made the weight, the unbeaten fighter didn't make weight he weighed 137 1/2. The father thinking he was fighting a welter told the fighter to come in heavy.
The manager told the father to call the promoter and start crying about how unfair life is.
Bottomline the opponent made the agreeed upon weight, and the unbeaten won a decision. How can you argue that the guy was a welter when he made the weight and the unbeaten didnt, plus how can you argue about a guy that has a 7-7 record, please.
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