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Default Re: Khan is finished

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat
...and what about all the other thousands of boxers who have much worse chins than Harrison and Khan. How many fighters get up from Williams over hand right? How many get up from Limonds 5 punches? Loads of fighters would get put out for 30, not just 10.
There are few hyped or rated boxers ever with a chin worse than Fraudley. JEEZ, he was KTFO by a guy with less than a 50 percent KO record! That's Herbie Hide territory.

Khan differs only in that his glass jaw has not been thoroughly exposed yet. But the signs were there before this fight, and it's hard to realistically deny it now. Why do YOU think his management cherry-picked tomato cans with low KO percentages and then, in their first fight against decent comp, went straight for a guy who was a light-hitter - and he couldn't even remain standing against that guy!!!

Think his handlers might know something you don't???
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