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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

When a manager signs a fighter it's fair to say you need to know who you are going to be dealing with regardless of can they fight,sell tickets & a fan friendly style.
What are they like outside of the ring do they live the life?Train when they say they do,eat well & who do they hang with all these questions flag up & more.

Al'Yah Yah'****ens never had this problem on any level he knew where his fighter was at 24'/7 he managed James Scott they were always in each others company why you ask?

They were in prison together the Rahway, New Jersey Scott could fight he was a man that worked his way up the rankings he fought all contenders he was focused 100% well what else would you be in his situation?

Scott always argued he should never of been inside he lent his car to a 'friend' the guy it turned out was a drug dealer the deal went wrong the car traced back to Scott.He was sent to trial on the back of being a accessory to murder on a hung jury verdict another fighter that let's be fair can ***** all day long about a split decision not going his way.

The USA at the time invested money in prison boxing programmes Scott at the Rahway benefited from this & developed himself into a very,very good fighter he was a guy that had only one goal other than getting out of prison to be a contender to get his justice in the ring.

He never claimed to be the best fighter out of the Rahway Rueben Carter also served time there they sparred together Scott the first to admit he found the sparring with Carter harder than most of his pro fights.Carter also said the same about Scott some endorsement.

On the back of the high quality sparring shown professional boxing was bought into the Rahway. Scott showcased & beat all put in front of him the audience pro Scott captive & to pardon a pun there would be no robberies on the cards.His fights were shown on most major tv USA platforms.

The inmates were totally pro Scott when he fought Richie Kates who was a correctional officer in another prison.Kates was stopped in the last round of 10 he said by far the best opponent he faced.He joked had it of gone to the cards there was no way he would of won as there would of been a riot!

Opponents were bought in & despatched with ease Bunny Johnson from the uk known as very tough & durable quit on his stool at the end of the 7th Scott was getting towards a title shot.Cometti quit also end of the 5th.Lonnie Bennet came into the Rahway a ranked fighter the best he got on the cards 8-2 against Scott was certainly in the title mix.

He was matched with Jerry Martin the toughest guy Scott said he faced Scott was dropped in the 1st & 2nd rounds he lost on the cards 6-4 rounds on two cards close but at that point he knew the dream of being the champion was gone.It had been some journey he had beaten contenders no one ducked he had been ranked in the top 3 of all bodies then his ranking was pulled why?Sure you can all hazard a guess political?

His last pro fight was against Dwight Braxton he lost on the cards no shame there.
Braxton would later be known as Dwight Muhammad Quai a HOF fighter that was every opponents nightmare win,lose or draw.

Quai also served some time in prison.......the Rahway also fair to say Scott didn't get his shot but there would be a argument that at the time being champ of that prison you were world class.Carter,Qawi & the forgotten Scott all top drawer.

There were no ring earnings for Scott 104K was spent by the tv networks showing his fights it went straight back into the public funding in New Jersey which to be fair they invested back into the boxing programme.

Scott served his time & was trusted to travel outside the prison to coach & train convicted on the back of a split decision.

He raised 104k in tv revenue alone model inmate that cost the USA 41k a year to house it's fair to say the split decision should & could of gone the other way.
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