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Default Re: Will Tomlinson interview about Klassen fight

Originally Posted by StiffJab View Post
What does Elomar bring to the table?

No name, not active and not titles. Not to mention his locked up at the moment.

Klassen is a much better fight imo. So are the 3 tough as nails Mexican fighters his team brought in for his last few match ups.
I agree Elomar bring nothing it will never happen and a complete waste of time but as for 3 tough Mexicans I don't kno.the 1st one was a tough fight a brawl but lacked class by boyhood fighters.a decent boxer on that night beats them both easy.the second one I thought will looked his best but against and the third will looked terrible.not one of them fighters was world class and I wouldn't rank them in the top 100 super featherweight.Elomar would have beat them all.I know I'm sounding pretty negative towards Will but I think a few people are getting a little carried away with Will.he just has to step it up to convince me.klassen is well past his best the odds tell u that wills a $1.20 klassen is $4.20.but it's prob his toughest the moment for me his a pretender not contender.I hope he proves me wrong because we really need some Aussie fighters to start stepping up and stop fighting bums to keep our sport moving forward not backwards like it has been.
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