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Default Re: Will Tomlinson interview about Klassen fight

Originally Posted by StiffJab View Post
What does Elomar bring to the table?

No name, not active and not titles. Not to mention his locked up at the moment.

Klassen is a much better fight imo. So are the 3 tough as nails Mexican fighters his team brought in for his last few match ups.
At the time he wasnt locked up, it was a year or two ago, Tomilson didnt even have the IBO title when it occured, Tomilson claims he hasnt ducked anyone, has fought anyone who has challenged him etc when this is far from true. ELomar had defeated kickett and i think it would have been a good grudge match, KT didnt bother about the hostile mexican crowd when he fought chavez and as for cheating, well to me thats just an excuse.

Originally Posted by dawsosj View Post
Tcboxa has always seemed to have an issue with tomlinson, i think it is due to his relationship with greeny.
Guess you dont read everything ive wrote, i had nothing but praise for Tomilson the last time i spoke about him.
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