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Default Re: Will Tomlinson interview about Klassen fight

I honestly wouldn't dump the kids' tuition on Will @ only $1.20, even with him seeming confident...

My thoughts from another thread:

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
The door is possibly open for an upset in Tomlinson vs. Klassen despite the undefeated hometown favorite seemingly having the deck stacked in his favor (younger, 2" taller, busier & judge-friendlier style, etc)

Klassen is a big step up for him - far more experienced against world class opposition, boasting solid defense, accurate punching, and disposed toward charging in leading with his thick skull (and Tomlinson is highly prone to cuts, bleeding from butts in over half a dozen bouts that I know of)

If Will gets lacerated and they don't scramble to halt it for a NC early or TD in his favor late, the African's pressure will be something brand new for him to contend with on top of the familiar problem of his leaking juices.
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