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Default Re: The Gloves are off - Super Middle Weights - 10:30PM

Originally Posted by bratwurzt View Post
Johnny's quite good when he's chatting as one of the lads. It's the autocue stuff he's **** at.

I thought Collins spoiled it slightly and was a little out of step with the nature of the programme.
Yeah Johnny was in his element there it seemed. Even though he was the host he was relaxed when he wasn't planted in front of an autocue as you say. Have felt that on fight nights when he's a pundit too. Although it's got to the point where the Ringside autocue has become a cult selling point it seems!

I felt that about Collins too. He seemed plain desperate unfortunately.

Originally Posted by koartist2012 View Post
yep collins was a right ****ing ****hole , with an ego like that youd of thought he was p4p candidate , he was beat by kalambay mccallum and reggie johnson , which is why jones alluded to him having beef with reggie lol ,who was roys sparring partner at the time. was kind of sad to see jones as in the shadows of collins and eubanks , whos best wins were against fellow brits , jones was mr unstoppable , superman of the 90s and i dont think he got his due there , not tht he was expecting it being on a british show . also seemed to be alot of respect for calzaghes talents from jones who was constantly nodding when joe was talking about timing and distance , great programme ! and to be fair to collins if he fights jones , ill prob buy it now , hoping to see him get schooled lol !

And also what wasn't said was that a Eubank with the mindset of the one that faced Calzaghe would've beaten Collins. There was no showboating and he went the full 12 against a young Calzaghe and was still going at the end.

His head was ****ed against Collins. There was no doubt the mind games with Collins pretending he'd been hypnotised spooked Eubank after what had happened with Watson; an apsect he didn't mention last night. When Eubank kept going on about fighting someone in Collins who was "willing to die in the ring" he's coming form the point of view of someone who nearly killed a man in the ring himself. And what Eubank didn't say is that he didn't want the same happening again.

I'm surprised the whole hypnosis thing wasn't brought up because what Collins banged on about all programme was 'planning' for fights; and there's no doubt a massive element of his plan against Eubank was to get inside his head before the first bell. Suppose you gotta say well done to Collins for playing on that mental weakness in Eubank for not going after opponents in the same manner post-Watson. Eubank always said he regretted not going after Collins properly following the knockdown in the 10th of the first fight.

But for Collins to call Eubank 'shopworn' by the time he fought Calzaghe because of the damage Carl Thompson had done to him in particular, was not only disrespectful but totally inaccurate. Eubank fought Thompson after the Calzaghe fight. Eubank's only 2 defeats prior to Calzaghe were against Collins; fights he'd never have lost if his head had been right.

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