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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by KB50MJ View Post
How would it be harder today?

And when you say pay for fights what exactly do you mean? Because I have a friend who just turned pro and hes looking to get as many fights under his belt as he can.
When Tyson was fighting there were more decent oppts to choose from, a perfect example is Deontay Wilder, 28-0, with 28 junk ko's. Like I said Tyson had really knowledgible people behind him. Tyson's people had a plan, Wilder's people have no clue they keep putting him in with guys for target practice. Tyson's people picked guys who were taller then Mike. They considered Mike's height and figured he needed experience fighting taller guys. Wilder's people pick guys based on the inability to pose absolutelly no threat to Wilder. Tyson had a HOF'r, on his team, Cus and a guy who just passed away Johnny Bos, who should be a HOF'r, making his fights. Wilder, has a friend of Oscar D, and who used to drive a Frito-Lay potato chip truck, and Marco A. Barrera's, driver making his fights.
Many times a promoter cos he has no dates or lack of a promoter can keep a fighter inactive. What Tyson's people did was, find a show that they could put Mike on. They would tell the promoter that they would pay for Mike's fight, meaning they would pay Mike and the opponent, with no cost to the promoter. The promoter would be happy cos he had an extra free fight on his card.
If your friend can get a money guy behind him to pay for fights, or be a fighter that can put butts in the seats then he can have all the activity he wants, but try to do it with some thought as to where he wants to go in the game. Tyson plan or Wilders plan he has to decide.
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