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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

You can end up fighting for free trust me i know pro's that have they only got paid on ticket sales took too many tickets that friends,family etc said they were going to go & pulled out.They covered the shortfall 100% fact.
Prospects without decent management struggle for this reason alone because the prospect often has to sell enough to cover the oppt you would be VERY suprised the 'journeyman' oppt often earns but the prospect is working on tight margins pressure to win & build interest again comes down to your team.
Tyson was certainly having to buy opponents early days.Look up his early career fighting every couple of weeks highlight reel early k.o's momentum followed & everyone was interested.The heavyweight scene was so open at the time opportunity knocked he took it because of the team behind him they were all pulling in the same direction no ego's.
Take D'amato he had a heavyweight champ many moon's back Patterson who got destroyed by Liston x2.D'amato at his age it wasn't about the money Tyson was his Liston the type of heavyweight any trainer,manager or promoter dreams about.
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