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Default Re: Khan is finished

Originally Posted by Zakman
Forget about Khan - you're actually defending Fraudley's chin?????? Listen man, Fraudley was getting shook up by tomato can BEFORE Williams decked him and Sprott finished him. And I've heard from more than one source that he was laid out cold in the gym more than once. Neither Williams - or certainly Sprott, for goodness sake - is known as a devastating puncher, and the guy with the lighter punch starched A-Farce.

Guy with even questionable beards aren't gonna get knocked into lala land the way Harrison did against Sprott. If he doesn't have a glass jaw in your view, then no one must!!
Harrison took a punch that puts many people out, period. Williams can PUNCH!

Harrison was hardly being shook by them.

Did you not see what Williams did to Tyson? or to Meehan? or to Sprott? Williams can PUNCH!

Sprott isn't a huge puncher but what he landed was devastating.

Harrison is not the pit of all chins. He doesn't have a great chin but he hardly has a journeyman chin that gets put out for 10 in every fight.
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