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Default Re: Tommy Morrison vs. Muhammad Ali

Originally Posted by glover View Post
Even the hardest chin version of Ali is not going to survive that punch, he makes shavers look weak by comparison, care to differ? Shavers KO performance is not that great when you consider real heavyweights like Tommy's era and today. I believe Tommy would knock any version of Ali almost any day! His boxing skills are way underrated! Before he took that 15 punch barrage he was beating Mercer! And Bentt caught him simple as that. I think Tommy could have won had he rematched. He isn't the most stellar champ but he has all the tools to beat punch bag Ali! lol I could make a lot of money if they could fight today by the look of it. But something tells me if Ali were in Tommy's era we wouldn't be hearing too much about him Go Tommy! Rumble young roid head, rumble! lol

A far more likely scenario is that we would n't have heard so much about TOMMY had HE been in ALI'S era !!
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