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Default Re: Tommy Morrison vs. Muhammad Ali

Originally Posted by John Galt View Post
The thing that stands out in that Ali video posted by Young Griffo is that Ali's 60s opponents were much smaller and slower than Ali. Morrison would be something Ali had never seen before, a 225 pound, fast, hard puncher. Not saying Ali couldn't beat Morrison, but I would say that Ali never did beat anybody with the combination of size and speed Morrison had. If 60s Ali struggled with Mildenberger and Chuvalo...
Some early versions of Ali certainly could be KOd hard by Tommy... but anybody could be KO'd HARD by Tommy I bet.

While Mercer was defending himself Tommy threw an uppercut that propelled Mercers head above his guard and directly got caught with a big left hook, that's some quality combinations.
And you can say about all kind of good things about Ali's chin, but it isn't Mercers. (Mercer also mentioned he had to fart from the bodyshots)

Prime Ali probably struggles with Tommy before beating him.
But it will be dangerous.

Late versions of Ali would probably get beaten hard by Tommy as you can't rely on just your toughness unless you're Ray Mercer.
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