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Default Re: Anyone know about Polish heavy Artur Szpilka?

Ordinaroly I would agree about a rematch at this stage but another go around with Mollo does not bother me. Mollo did give him problems that will need to be addressed. Rest assured Mollo will fight exactly the same way again and if Sxpilka can adjust and win much easier it will tell me something about his learning curve and potential upside.

If Szpilka once again pulls straight back from punches and gets visibly shaken I would not hold much hope for him at the divisions elite level. This upcoming Minto fight could present many of the same issues for him.

On a side note; What type of city is Bydgoscz? How is the living standard compared to the rest of Poland? Someone told me it was a rough, blue collar town with many factories but that person had not been their in a long time and may be off base.
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