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Default Re: Can we stop all this 'Elite K1 striker' BS now?

Originally Posted by Thom View Post
Yeah? And what does that prove?

Bob Sapp was a professional American level athlete who was on so many drugs, but also so strong and freaky large that he has the ability to hurt anybody.

Do you have any idea how large he runs around? He's 6'7" tall and nearly 350 lbs of muscle. He had the endurance (possibly on the EPO drug back in the day) to compete with these fighters for rounds at a time.

I don't think you fully appreciate what a 350lbs of strength athlete can do as far as damage with minimal training. Brock Lesnar looks like a Toddler compared to Sapp, I repeat, he was 6'7", 350 lbs of strength athlete on drugs, and out of his mind. Also, keep in mind other K1 fighters like Mirco beat him, actually shattered his orbital with a well placed left cross. Still took two of those well placed on his face to make him wilt. People didn't know that Sapp didn't like to get hit in the face back then, you can see Hoost working the leg trying to slow Sapp down, but he couldn't do it quickly enough.. Everyone knows now that Sapp doesn't like being hit in the face, especially since Mirco broke it so many years ago. When your face breaks, you generally don't come back as well.

I'm not saying Sap was a skilled athlete, but I don't see too many people outside of worlds strongest man running around at that size competing at anything other than wsm and the NFL, maybe Rugby.

As far as JDS and his MMA striking, it's great. He seems to be best when he utilizes his superior range and mobility. His right hand isn't something you would see in K1 or boxing, but it's clearly very effective with MMA gloves as It doesn't need to land clean as it's generally a thudding punch that he likes to loop overhand to target the temple or behind the ear. Couldn't get away with that punch in boxing with the bigger gloves. He can land that punch and even if you block it with your own gloves and hands, you will probably go down/ most pro fighters would go down by the sheer force/ momentum behind it as Hunt did who's a stout 260.

JDS' style is one where he can simply start engaging from longer ranges with his jab and circle. The octagon is a lot different cutting someone off than a ring, the way JDS was using the circumpherance of the octagon was when he was at his best.. He was retreating from Hunt and countering.. I repeat, RETREATING to a 40 year old. I don't see too many striker period in the world that can really put on a competitive match vs. JDS because of his size and weapon combination given the rules. It would take someone long enough with good enough striking to counter his backwards movements, but I'll say this.. Plenty of k1 guys from back in their golden Era would compete beautifully with JDS and knock him out. Just that most of you kids don't know any better. Still wet behind the ears.

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