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Default Re: Can we stop all this 'Elite K1 striker' BS now?

Hunt is an elite striker but he is fat so he isn't fufillig his potential. He hits hard and is durable but his balance, agility, fitness etc will never be what they could be. Toney is an elite striker but hes fat and out of shape and that can sometimes affect how he looks.

You can tell Hunt is elite because of that dangerous hook he was timing. JDS knew all about it and didn't let those hands go as freely as he usually would because he knew he could get punished for stupidity. He did get caught a few times but toughed it out and adapted.

Hunt was just in there with an even better striker. JDS is one of those fighters who hasn't got the K1 or WBC title to shout about but your eyes tell you that he has some serious ability.

Hunt is out of shape, with a poor ground game but he is still exposing the level of striking in the UFC amongst tough men (who are good fighters) like Struve and Rothwell.
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