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Default Re: Can we stop all this 'Elite K1 striker' BS now?

Originally Posted by Cael View Post
They both looked sloopy as ****, but Hunt looked by far the worst.

If JDS is considered to have top level of striking, then the level of boxing in MMA is really rubbish.
Just really, really poor.
This is what boxing looks like with smaller gloves. I'll guess that you find Corbett, Fitz, Langford, Ketchel, Johnson, even Dempsey and Tunney, pretty hard to watch, gawky and seemingly unskilled. I understand that too.

The problem is people expect punching in MMA to look like modern day pugilism.

First and foremost, unless you don't care at all about takedowns or leg kicks your stance will not be the same as a boxer. Even if you manage to tweak it only slightly or do as the Diaz's do and just plod forward regardless, you will either not have the opportunity to work on an aesthetically pleasing style, or will look the part and suffer for it.

If you want to watch boxing at it's best, watch boxing. It's sorta' like ridiculing a boxer for not going for the full Thai plum when they're clinching, or putting too much emphasis on the front foot and not caring to check leg kicks. They're redundant points.

Just as supposedly 'good looking' boxing in MMA.

Anyway, Pat Curran's technique is truly beautiful.
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