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Default Re: Can we stop all this 'Elite K1 striker' BS now?

Originally Posted by Cael View Post
They both looked sloopy as ****, but Hunt looked by far the worst.
If JDS is considered to have top level of striking, then the level of boxing in MMA is really rubbish.
Just really, really poor.
So either none of the guys who paid a good deal of money to strike can do so (and evidently all the guys they’ve KOd are horrible too) OR your comparison is wrong. Which do you think it is?
Pick your favorite boxer. Pick your most technical boxer. Even better, pick yourself. Put them in a kick boxing gym for a year and then evaluate their “boxing” technique. Then put them in an MMA gym where everytime they get taken down they get beat on or submitted and evaluate their boxing technique. Guess what will happen? You or some other genius will come along and claim that “the level of boxing in MMA is really rubbish” or some other BS.

Originally Posted by RSBonos View Post
Is that why JDS throws a right like he is hurling a baseball into the ground? Did he perfect this technique specifically for MMA? He is after all one of the best boxers in the sport.
As for Hunt, he was always a brawler with insane toughness, his rudimentary skills are still good enough to become a top 5 MMA HW way past his prime and with very little grappling.
Some things that work in boxing don’t work in MMA and some things that work in MMA don’t work in boxing. These guys are paid to win fights, not to impress boxing fans who don’t know anything about MMA.
Chris Lytle was 13-1 as a pro boxer. Marcus Davis was 17-1. Neither guy was world class, but both obviously know boxing and had good enough technique to beat every pro they fought but one. Take a look at how they fought in MMA. Do you think they started winging shots because it didn’t work? Do you think they could have done better with more orthodox boxing techniques but decided “No, I’ll forget what I’ve learned and lose more fights because I don’t care about winning in this sport”?
Take a look at Roy Nelson’s KOs, particularly his last one. Why does he wing those shots that way? Because it WORKS. Against Kongo he landed an overhand right with the side of his hand and it still dropped Kongo. Do you think that’d work with an 8oz glove? Look at how Spencer Fisher used to win his fights; it was all about striking from weird and creative angles.
It’s a different sport people, and the way to evaluate how good someone is at an aspect of it is to watch the sport and see if they win or not. Comparing it to a totally different sport with different rules and equipment makes no sense at all.

Originally Posted by RSBonos View Post
The point is JDS looks poor because his striking is poor and he is considered a top boxer under MMA rules. It has nothing to do with perfecting it for grappling.
I’ll say here what I’ve said a million times on this board: Find a way (either get a willing friend or go to an mma gym) to test whether or not takedowns and grappling change the way you punch or kick FOR YOURSELF. You don’t have to go full speed, just see how easily you can avoid or punch your “opponent” before they grab a hold of your leg or get you in a clinch. As you may have noticed from John Ruiz’s career, it’s not that easy to avoid a clinch under boxing rules. See how you adapt your technique to make it harder for your opponent to take get a hold of you. Now assume that every time he gets a hold of you, you get beaten up or get choked out. You’ll end up with a greater appreciation for mma AND boxing because you’ll understand how things got to be the way that they are.
That or you can keep being a noob who doesn’t know what they’re talking about and let the rest of us roll our eyes and your ignorant posts.
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