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Default Re: Tommy Morrison vs. Muhammad Ali

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
The question is a post-Manilla version of Ali.

Somewhere after Manilla and before the Bahamas (the Berbick fight), Ali became a fighter that Morrison could have beaten.
I think the Ali of Shavers and Norton III beats him, as Tommy gets tired [a very serious problem for him until Foreman's advice to relax after Mercer]. Not sure about the misfiring Ali of Leon Spinks I & II, but Leon had stamina and hustle Morrison never had to apply in unseating Ali. [As for the 230 pound Ali of the Young debacle, that version of Muhammad would have only beaten Evangelista among his subsequent eight opponents.]

Tommy does not knock out any version of Ali that is not impaired by a Thyrolar overdose, not if Shavers couldn't do it. Like Berbick, he'd have to settle for a decision win in the Bahamas. Work rate, not power, was the way to beat Ali at that late stage. Not convinced Morrison could have done it over 15 aside from when Young got his shot.

Ali by knockout? Not after Dunn, but that one episode was a post Manila performance, and I don't think Tommy would have had an answer for that right of Ali's. He could be stunned and dropped pretty abruptly, and he wouldn't be able to get through 15 rounds getting struck like that repeatedly.
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