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Default Re: Watch Shogun Rua train boxing with Freddie Roach

To be honest, in his next fight he's best using his Thai. Lil Nogs stand up is heavily centered around boxing, if Shogun fights like he normally does, he should take this. If Shogun tries to outbox Lil Nog, he may very well lose.

He shouldn't brawl, they've both only been stopped once (excluding Shogun-Coleman). I can't see either being finished, if one was to be finished you'd have to pick Shogun to be the one to put Lil Nog away, but the chances are slim.

Shogun should just pick him off from a distance, Lil Nogs rather predictable, he doesn't throw many kicks. His knees & elbow only come in the clinch.

Shogun should fight at a distance & use plenty of kicks or clinch up against the cage, but Lil Nogs dirty boxing is better so that's more dangerous & not really Shoguns style anyway.

Striking diversity should make this Shoguns fight to lose, trying to outbox Lil Nog would probably be the worst strategy Shogun could bring into this fight.
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