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Default Re: George Foreman vs Vitali Klitschko

Originally Posted by assasin View Post
WOW! anyone who thinks Foreman wins is crazy. did you see how a prime Foreman dealt with a trash can like Young when he went on the back foot? it was a joke. Foreman can't fight properly on the front foot at all.

could you imagine the skill, long arms and out and out awkwardness of a prime Vitali?? he would bust up Foreman from the outside, hurting Foreman with ease it would be ridiculous. Foreman would look like he's in the middle of a full on storm. utter domination by Vitali, with the cherry on top when he stops Foreman after giving him the biggest ****ing kicking you could imagine.

Foreman has the much better resume. there is no argument about that. but H2H, Vitali would strip him down. shockingly easy work for him.
I just can't get Lewis v Vitaly out of my head when I think about this fight.
THe one way to beat Vitaly is not to try and box him. It's to take a shot to get in, and be big enough and strong enough to land your own right hand.

Lewis couldn't miss with his right against Vitalys low left hand, and "lean back" defence. If you can't lean back far enough, because the other guy is big and strong, and willing to take a shot, then you're in trouble.

Lewis is 6'5" with 84" reach.
Foreman 6'3.5' with 82" reach.

Vitali doesn't have "long arms". He has a 79" reach.

Lewis soaked up everything Vitaly could hit him with, and kept going, and kept landing.
I don't see how Foreman couldn't do that. Lewis threw all pretence of boxing out the window, and just fought. If he had to take 2 shots to land a right hand, he did.
Foremans chin is better than Lewis' as well.

Foreman would have no intention of standing on the outside eating punches. He's walk through them and just try and bludgeon Vitaly.

Probably a good fight to be honest.
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