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Default Re: Watch Shogun Rua train boxing with Freddie Roach

Rather see Rua be allowed to fight another striker being he's been training for a standup war with Nog.

Kinda ****ed up if they let this one go. Shogun wont back down and Chael knows he's got bad knees and vulnerable vs. wrestlers, especially if the focus of his training has been on striking lol. Pretty horrible way to treat a legend, making him exchange shots with this literal ****bag Chael Sonnen.

I think Chael may have a shot if he can get Shogun to the ground, and he turns out to be injured again.. But, if Shogun is in good shape, he's not a small or weak dude.. Chael will have trouble taking him down, and then he will have to face that striking Shogun will want to utilize.. Chael hasto blow up for 205, Shogun is a pretty strong 205er..

Bad move for Chael and the company.. Another loss for him, and the UFC loses more face for treating it's legends like ****, and treating the sport like the WWE.
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