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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Thanks a lot for your responses, really interesting!

A partner and I are currently looking at different talents. We are in Germany and through a friend have contact to a promoter with a tv deal. The plan is to sign a prelimary agreement with 1 or 2 boxers and in case the promoter is interested in putting them on his shows, we plan to sign a full management agreement with them.

The market in Germany is wide open since Universum collapsed and with Abraham and Sturm nearing the end of their careers. Boxing always does good ratings on TV and fills arenas but at the moment the is a lack of supply regarding marketable and competitive young boxers caused by an in my opinion outdated business model used by promoters.

In case you are interested and find the time, I can send you links to 2 of the boxers we are looking at fight records and videos via email, you are more than welcome to give a quick assesment, just drop me your email address via PM (it doesn't show for me on the forum in your earlier post).

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