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Originally Posted by deadhead View Post
I used to smoke about 8 months ago for almost a year, i smoked only sometimes, pot and cigarettes and did a load of bad drugs. I don't smoke anymore or do drugs but i am around friends that do smoke cigarettes sometimes.

To anyone that smoked, how long did it take you to feel normal and get your endurance back, no matter what i do i always gas at the end of the second round and i'm fighting off the backfoot the 3rd round. I really hope i didn't do permanent damage to my lungs although that is probably inevitable.

Hey Buddy how is it going. I used to smoke a lot when I was younger. Recently about three months ago I used to smoke hookah. I box as well.
I quit smoking hookah three months ago and it took me maybe two months of hard training to finally get up to 8 three minute intense sparring. I recently fought last weekend. I am a open fighter, and did very well. I did not gas at all. My previous fights I had the same problem you mentioned. Second round I gassed and third round I was flat footed. All I can say is do not smoke, train very hard and get that road work in. if you can do 8 intense rounds in the gym and then a full work out after. You should be able to make it through three rounds. Just remember a fight is more intense then sparring mentally you let off a little in sparring where in a fight if you are not discipline you will waste more energy in a fight.
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