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Default Re: Examples of not being properly warmed up

Originally Posted by Koba View Post
I'm not sure exactly what you mean.

When a fighter fails to properly warm up pre-fight, as in stretches, movement and a little shadow boxing to ready the muscles and body for strenuous action, this is simply a failure of the boxer or camp.


What happens frequently in boxing (and, I guess other combat sports) there can be a lapse in mental? preparedness. There is a very sharp break between the normal world, with it's peaceful habits, even sparring hard, and a real head to head with another person trying, as hard as they can, to debilitate you. This can take a short time, even (I understand) for a pro fighter to adapt to. When a fighter is not yet in their 'fighting mind' - seems to be when they're most likely to receive those KO/TKO 1s.

That's my understanding of the 'caught cold', 'not properly warmed up' etc judgements. More of a mental rather than physical state. The adrenaline's not properly kicked in, still ad******g mentally to what is ultimately a very extreme situation. This is perhaps the riskiest moment of a fight and often determines the outcome.

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