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Default Re: Rakhim Chakhkiev vs. Krzysztof Wlodarczyk

Originally Posted by Txomo View Post
Hard to bet here. I don't know them and the champion is the underdog so...
No idea. Russian decision?

Hard to spell their names too
Use their nicknames.

Krzysztof "Diablo (Devil)" Wlodarczyk & Rakhim "The Machine" Chakhkiev

Diablo used to be an exciting action hero with moderate pop and willing to get hit with five to land a big one - but his work rate and courage have both flagged in recent years and he is now basically reduced to a boring, slow, lazy, mostly defensive boxer.

The Machine is a rising talent who began stepping up last year and has been looking very much the complete package - but he still has never faced anyone of Diablo's pedigree.

I doubt it would be a hometown decision. (although if this were in Poland...)

Chakhkiev will probably deserve the nod should it go the distance, simply because of how likely he is to outwork Wlodarczyk all night.

Wlodarczyk needs to check his chin if he wants to keep his belt...and if the chin stands up to his best stuff, well, that is the end of Diablo's reign.
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