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Default Re: Mike Tyson v Gene Tunney

Originally Posted by Surf-Bat View Post
Little Gene Tunney isn't capable of exploiting Tyson's fragile psyche any more than Hopkins is. Both are too small and not strong enough to make an impression on a charging rhino like Tyson. He would have no problem hitting either fighter. Tunney is not going to be surviving shots from a prime Mike Tyson. And Tyson WILL land them.
Stop with the Hopkins non sense. Tunney was well capable of exploiting Tysons mental health issues. Tillis, Tucker, and Douglas did it with movement and their skills. Neither were close to being the mechanic that Tunney was. Tunney was also an excellent strategist and much stronger physically then being given credit for, and certainly far stronger then Tyson had demonstrated in the mind. Tunney may not win, but this bout would be far more competitive then people may think.
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