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Default Re: Mike Tyson v Gene Tunney

Originally Posted by Joe E View Post
Tunney was also bigger then Tyson. What's the point?
6'0, 185-189 pounds is "bigger" than 5'10, 220 pounds?

Originally Posted by Joe E View Post
You grossly overestimate Tysons abilities in speed, footwork, and boxing ability, assuming he had any real advantage in these departments, and rely only on Tysons advantage in brute strength while ignoring the one greatest flaw, his inability to deal with adversity.
You can't "overestimate" Tyson's abilities in speed. It was tremendous. Some of the fastest hands in HW history.

Little scrawny Gene Tunney isn't going to be showing Tyson any "adversity". Of that I can assure you.

Originally Posted by Joe E View Post
Tyson demonstrated on any number of occasions that when the going got tough, he quit. His bout with Douglas and his bouts with Holyfield demonstrate this perfectly. Your boy had all the tools, except for one, he had little Heart.
It wouldn't require heart for Tyson to beat Tunney. It would require him to hit Gene (who wasn't so hard to hit and WOULD be hit). Unless you can show me evidence of Gene taking numerous power shots from a huge puncher round after round and surviving. And please don't try and cite a past-prime Dempsey, who rarely hit Tunney with anything of consequence (and when he did, Tunney was floored and badly hurt).
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