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Default Re: Mike Tyson v Gene Tunney

Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
On the contrary Janitor... This is probably the worst comment on the thread so far.

It occurs to me back in those days I would rather become a criminal, thief or work as a bruiser for the mob, trade in alcohol or what not rather than subject myself to a vicious knock out from an absolute machine that wouldn't be seen for the best part of a century.

People would pay decent money back in those days to see a "competitive" fight. How the hell do you see Gene Tunney, or worse middleweights, being able to draw crowds of people to pay see an execution? The excitement would wear off pretty quick. No middleweight back then could survive a healthy person after a Mike uppercut.
With respect, you clearly know nothing about the era whatsoever.
This was an era where people would literally starve to death if they lost their job in many rural areas.

Such jobs as were available, were often far more dangerous than boxing, and working in any sort of criminal enterprise certainly was, if it was even a possibility.

So no, these people would not be terrified by the prospect of getting punched on the nose.

In fact they would regard fighting any boxer, as a comparatively safe and well paid job.

Being terrified of getting knocked out in a boxing match, where the other guy has to stop hitting you when you are on the canvas, is something of a 21st century problem.
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