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Default Re: Lennox Lewis VS Joe Louis

Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
Your kidding me Janitor! That is the most loosely based argument I have ever read lol. Your really s****ing the bottom of the barrel to save Joe now.
It is not a loosley based argument in any way shape of form because styles make fights.

If you want to work out how to ATGs might fare against eachother in a fantasy fight, you start by lookig at how each of them fared against the opponents that were most like the other, and 99 times out of 100 there wont be an all time great on their record who is similar to the other guy.

What you do is work out the stylistic dynamic of the fight.

All that you seem to be doing at the moment is looking at who has the largest biceps.

First of all, style wise, those big oafs were in no way shape or form comparable to Lewis! Louis feasted on oafs. Mike's large opponents who stretched him for a decision were heaps better than those guys already! Joe Louis never fought anybody even remotely like Tyson or Lewis.
You are being a bit inconsistent here.

If you are going to base your argument primarily on size, to the extent of refusing to recognise wins over Hall of Famers who were below a certain weight, then you can hardly fail to give Louis credit when he does dominate a bigger opponent.

It almost seems like you want a get out clause on your principle argument here.

Beating up Baer, Simon and Carnera point to absolutely no STYLISTIC advantage whatsoever! They didn't have anything we would regard as style!
If you think that then you don't know what you are looking at.

Carnera might not have been an all time great, but he was probably a better all round technician than a lot of the superheavyweights that Lewis fought.

Apart from these ungainly giants, what Joe IS famous for is outsizing his more skilled opponents. That's the style of Joe Louis!
It is an unavoidable fact that Louis did better against bigger opponents.

It is also an unavoidable fact that he was more destructive against the elite superheavyweights of his day, than any other champion in history.

This cannot simply be overlooked when matching him against bigger opponents.
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