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Default Re: Lennox Lewis VS Joe Louis

To me, this Janitor guy comes off like a troll. He compares Carnera with Lewis, is laughed out of the place...realises what a total dolt he's looking...retracts his absurd comment...then says "Louis feasted on big men". What he forgot to mention, was that he didn't feast on big, superbly athletic men with excellent jabs and chilling right hand power. Budd Baar... Abe Simon.. Primo. **** off!

I love it when they say "well, he was outweighed by xxxx stone and still did this". Is anybody disputing that a great smaller fighter couldn't starch a big, average lummox? No. Well, i'm certainly not one of them- and a great smaller fighter can definitely beat a nearly great bigger fighter too, but we're dealing with two great fighters here and Lewis on top of his game would have an excellent change against any heavyweight- and here he has significant advantages over the other guy, which would likely be apparent if they ever fought at the respective weights.

I think what he needs to do is try turning the colour down on the TV when he watches Lewis fight and pretends it happened 70 years ago...I'm sure that will improve his opinion of him. Of course, when a modern day big Lummox like Tyson Fury gets put on his **** by someone he massively outweighs this means that guy could smash Lennox Lewis too.

Re: The thing about Carnera jab is this- I, like many, probably saw his jab in action for the first time and was pleasantly surprised...surprised it wasn't about three tiers below Jack Bodell's. Comparing it to Lewis's is troll-like and, sadly, pathetic.
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