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Default Re: Lennox Lewis on Facing Mike Tyson & Vitali Klitschko

Originally Posted by johnmaff36 View Post
Lewis was far from prime when he beat tyson, plus he was older. It was only 12 months before he fought Vitali and i think we can all agree he was finished by then. IMO there wasnt much between Lewis in the 2 fights and it was only that Tyson had no longer the skill to expose it.

Lewis wins at least 7 times outta 10 IMO

Was he far out of his prime? Lewis was a very good older fighter, and really did not take a lot of punishment. I would say Lewis’ re-match vs. Rhaman was one of his best performances, and that one happened just a few months before Lewis meet a washed up Tyson. Tyson had one round of fight in him that night, and wanted to quit but his corner did not let him.

It is clear that Lewis caught Vitali when he was not ready. 2 weeks is not enough to prepare for a title shot! Vitali gave Lewis a tough fight. He hurt him, had Lewis tired, cut / swollen, and most importantly down on all three score cards 4-2. Lewis earned a technical victory on cuts, but it was hardly convincing stuff. A re-match was needed. Lewis said he would do it multiple times. He ran his mouth. He hoped Vitali would lose. He tired to fight Kirk Johnson in Canada but when the WBC said take the re-match or lose your title, Lewis’ brain for once trumped his ego. The offer for Lewis was 18 million for the re-match. Lewis quickly retired! Why retire when you said you would take the re-match, ran your mouth and the money was up? Translation, in Lewis’ mind he must have felt he would not be as lucky.
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