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Default Re: Tommy Morrison vs. Muhammad Ali

Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
Even George Foreman at his prime when Ali fought him, weighed less than Tommy. And although I take Foreman to be the stronger still, Tommy I say definitely had the harder punch. Morrison probably had among the hardest cracks of all time. They sounded different to other heavyweights, like Tyson their punches were thrown from the floor with all their torque and weight. Foreman was a prolific arm puncher. Tommy was also faster and had real boxing skills! And this is Ali's best win!

Prime Ali never fought anybody who would be even remotely competitive with Tommy! Morrison was quick and powerful, Ali may have been fast but the other reason he won was because even as the CW-212lb HW he was in the 60's, he still outweighed almost all of them and the ones he didn't he outreached anyway!

Ali is no bum of course, he is a great boxer but he isn't beating Morrison! He never once beat someone with the combination of power, skills and speed as Tommy!

On the other side of the coin,Morrison never fought anyone with half of Ali's skills,smarts and toughness.
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