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Default Re: Tommy Morrison vs. Muhammad Ali

Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
Morrison's chin isn't the one getting tested in this fight. Ali has never taken hits flush like that. I'm sorry but in jungle fight George was not fast or sharp enough to land anything clean on Ali's head, I seen. Obviously with Tommy that would not be the case.
There is a reason why Morrison's record turned out the way he did.

He simply wasn't all that good.

His only major asset was power, and that is the one that seems to carry least weigh against Ali.

Bentt was a big hitter
Who cares if Bentt was a big hitter, he was still Bentt.

This is not a fighter that a world class player should be loosing to under any circumstances.

The fact that he was abig hitter, and finished his career with the record he did, just proves that power is a very over rated comodity.

Morrison was beating Mercer before he got hit with 15 punches in a row that woulda dropped anybody, He was fighting Lewis blind for rounds before finally getting knocked down by accumulation from a giant. That's it. I think he can handle Ali's shots! He's faster than Ali's victims too to minimize the damage.
Ali might not have been a big puncher, but he was certainly knocking out durable fighters, which Morrison was not.

Morrison would do what he always did when he faced elite opposition.

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