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Default Re: Tommy Morrison vs. Muhammad Ali

Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
Morrison has a really good record (?) Pretty much comparable to Ali's without even considering Morrison's heavier opposition.
This ios one of the most aqbsurd statments ever written on this forum.

Ali defeated more than 30 opponents who were currently ranked.

Morrison fought a handfull, and lost to most of them.

Morrison isn't worthy to shine Ali's spit bucket.

He had power, speed and sound boxing skills.
Lots of fighters have these atributes, but it dosn't mean that they will go on to become anything.

Ali controversially never had to face anybody with such power (George Foreman is of course but due to the snap of Tommy's, his opponents didn't get back up for more) and definitely not somebody who could also deliver it as well.
There are lots of fighters who have power, but never go on to atain greatness. Earnie Shavers probably hit harder than Morrison and any of Ali's other opponents. Nobody is disputing that Morrison hit hard, but that in itself dosn't make him great.

That's modern HW boxing. Even lesser opponents have good punchers chance for upsets. It happened to Lennox and Wladimir and is bound to happen. That's what makes the sport exciting!
But conspicuously dosn't happen to the greatest fighters in the sports history such as Louis and Ali.

They don't let it happen.

Ali never really scored proper knockouts, Ali certainly did stop some durable opponents, agreed. However the perception of how durable those opponents were must be adjusted to the truth that those opponents were either not at Morrison's era's standard or atleast comparable.
The fact that one of Ali's former opponents, was able to come back and win the title in Morrisons era when he was almost 50, rather undermines the idea that Morrison was fighting in a stronger era.

Even if we accepted that Morrison was in a stronger era it would be irrelevant, because he never came close to the top of it.

Morrison on the other hand smashed the living **** out of his opposition. Ruddock alone was better than any on Ali's resume (except perhaps Foreman) and he beat old Foreman too who was far more heftier and smarter than the young version.

Ruddock was shot when Morrison fought him, and he was never great at his best.

Are you seriously going to suggest that beating a 40+ Foreman is somehow batter than beating a prime version?

Apart from the upset loss to Bentt which happens from time to time
It dosn't happen from time to time.

Great fighters don't loose to oponents like Bentt, ever!

Morrison only lost 2 other fights! He was in fact beating Mercer and whilst was outclassed by Lewis, was fighting blind for most of the fight and still managed a decent run. The main point is that there is no shame in losing to these guys at all because they are topper than practically anything on Ali's resume! He played in a different league!
So basicaly he lost to prety much every top fighter he ever faced.

You cannot assume that he was playing in a different league to Ali, because it is not suported by the facts, and is activley contradicted by some.

Chuvalo was basically a chin on legs. He has no skill or speed compared to Morrison to speak of and the best he could hope for is for that chin to hold up against the most vicious beating of his life for a UD loss. But I think he would have gone the way of a KO. Morrison has displayed stamina issues that is true. But if he can maintain the work rate he did against big George with him stalking him for 12 rounds he could easily do it against Chuvalo.
Or Chuvalo might just find his chin and spark him.

I wouldn't bet money on Morrison beating any genuinely world class opponent.

Well his record is very good, again (?)...
No it isnt.

It is average for a fighter at world level.

And by saying he looked good on film but isn't any good, what you are really saying is you don't believe your own eyes!
No, I am saying that for every 20 fighters that look good on fil, you are lucky to get one who atains greatness.

You can watch Ali struggle with comparatively weaker opponents and put on a visually stinker of a performance. I find his fights thoroughly unimpressive on the whole myself!
The fact that you have to attack Ali based on fights that he won, itself shows that he is in a different class to Morrison.

And you can watch Morrison bang out his heftier opponents in spectacular fashion, put it together with some elite fighters and display solid boxing skills with speed and power, you said yourself he looked good!
Morrison never KOd anybody who was world class at the time.

He was spectacular against tomato cans, but he couldn't do it at world level.

But you can't understand how he would fare better in an era full of easier opposition?
He didn't fare well against world class opposition period.

He generaly lost when he stepped up, and that would have been the case inb any era.

I hope your ****ytical skills aren't necessary for your day job Janitor
This is coming from somebody trying to argue that Morrison has a better record than Ali.
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