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Default Re: Tommy Morrison vs. Muhammad Ali

Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
Come on man, take a look at that 60's Ali closely. I seen more meat on the T-bone steak I had for dinner! I believe old Angelo would be wise to have him eat cheeseburgers all day for a month before their fight. His protective fat in his 70's I swear helped him through a lot of beltings, particularly Foreman. I don't think he'd have survived without it!

I just refuse to believe Tommy Gunn couldn't have banged him out!
Honestly, you need to forget everything you think you know about boxing, and start again. You overvalue size and visual appearance, and overlook pretty much everything else.

Perhaps you are a maverick who has discovered a universal truth that has eluded everybody else, but it is much more likely that you are just very wrong.
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