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Default Re: *Grzegorz Proksa*

Originally Posted by Samurai's Slice View Post
....Sorry guys. After such a weak showing against Sergio fawlking Mora I don't actually consider Gzegrorz Proksa with much world-class relevancy -- if that is even still applicable. Let your hands (if you can land). He showed no ability to adapt and get through against an opponent in belief he would win. This wasn't a crushing by GGG or a shot to pieces Sylvester... this was S.E.R.G.I.O. M.O.R.A! A man who was ****d by a shot Vernon Forrest and decisioned by a less than extraordinary Brian Vera (good calls)...TWICE! I can hear the screeching of the wheels of his big hype train. "Yep, that's all folks! Be sure to check out the Golovkin, the Kazakh Sugar Ray Robinson!"
Originally Posted by elchivito View Post
Like I've always said Proksa is a poor man's Maravilla. The speed and power is there, but doesn't think or plan in the ring. Everything he throws is a powerpunch and if he can't hurt his opponent he starts having confidence issues. He can improve if he's willing to learn, but until then if he can't even believe in himself he won't get passed C level opponents PERIOD.

All true.
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