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Default Re: The poster who is most valuable to you.

I find that I learn the most from just reading arguments that are really clarification sessions.

I mostly look forward to reading post by these guys. I know I forgeting guys. Sorry gents.

In alpabetical order:

Anubis: Excellent insights, always provides an interesting perspective even when I disagree which is rare.

Bert Bienstock: He has been there and seen it. Also, highly skilled and laying out thoughts in a conversation personable way without getting personal. That is a true skill.

He Grant: Fantastic all-around poster. Always in the middle of a good conversation. I always learn from his post.

Janitor: This man gets waaaay to much flack. I am thankful that he is able to handle the unreasonable arguements he gets in such an intellectual way, a model in that way. Also, can talk from the beginings of boxing to the current time. Something I cannot do.

John Garfield: Another guy who has my utmost respect. Seeing all of the great fighters live, yet humble enough to listen and respond to our post.

Mendoza: Always in the middle of a good conversation. Can teach a guy like me tons on the pioneers and early fighters.

Ovids Exile: We have disagreed a few times but, he was always respectful and always made me work for my rebuttal. I can appreciate that.

Surf-Bat: I swear every boxing site needs a guy like Surf-bat. Always with the newspaper articles and references to back up his point. just a wealth of boxing knowledge.

The Funny Man 7: I read a post of his and was blown away by how clear his understanding was a particular fighter. I look forward to reading more.

The thing that I find in these posters and other like them is that they are respectful, articulate, humble, and perpared to give a man a good debate with plenty to back up each point they make. You cannot help but learn something from these men, even if you don't want to.

Cheers fellas.
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