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Default Re: Silva-Weidman II.

Originally Posted by BewareofDawg View Post
This is exactly what I think also. He didn't want to just "beat" him. He wanted to make a statement that Weidman wasn't even in the same class as him, like he did to Forrest and Bonnar.

And **** all this bull**** "that's how Silva always fights". No it isn't! You don't see him clowning against Franklin/Hendo/Vitor like that! Did we??
I think it's more a case of Anderson being a counter puncher. He needs guys to over commit to striking and then jumps on their mistakes. I really think the big difference was Weidmans reach. When your feet are planted and you're doing the limbo there's only so far you can go back. AS was at full tilt and Weidman was at full stretch. I also think AS was a bit hurt from some of the shots Weidman was landing that probably affected his balance.

It's strange but Sonnen really got the better of Anderson on the feet in their first fight and landed more shots than any other fighter against him. These wrestlers that just come forward and throw shots seem to be able to catch him rather than guys that are looking for incredibly accurate strikes.
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