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Default Re: Muhammad Ali's management VERY SMART

Originally Posted by jowcol
He was led along perfectly; I always thought a 62-63 Machen would have been scariest "loss in waiting" fight for the youngster.

Sidebar: Is it just me or did Ali suddenly grow/morph into a huge chiseled "monster" between Cooper & Liston? Physically he looks so much different in those two fights...
Extremely strong steroids weren't exactly obscure in olympic use by that time. So who knows. Not all steroids are bulking ones. Some help put on lean muscle, some are minor muscle builders but serious fat burners which is almost impossible to do otherwise, and so on.

Originally Posted by Sonny's jab
"The people who picked Ali's opponents during his career did a masterful job. Sometimes they had to bite the bullet and go after a Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier, or George Foreman. But apart from that, they generally chose fighters who were too old or too slow and never at their peak. Occasionally, they made a mistake. Doug Jones was a mistake. And of course, when Ali got old, any fight was dangerous."

EDDIE FUTCH, quoted in Thomas Hauser's "Muhammad Ali:His Life And Times"
Even the big fights had circumstances to them.

Floyd was having serious health issues by the time Ali got to him.

Everyone knows Foreman's paranoia, cut, and misc other misbecomings in Africa.
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