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Default Re: Muhammed Ali vs Wladimir Klitchsko - 12 Rounds No Decision

Who has the better chin? I think we all know the answer to that one don't we. While this wouldn't be a walk in the park for Ali, I still see him winning here. I respect Vlad. He's a gentleman and a credit to the sport. For a man his size he shows better than average skill and speed plus he can punch. With that being said he would be going up against arguably the greatest HW champion of all time and let's be honest, Vlad hasn't met anyone remotely close to a prime Ali yet. None of his opponenets to date compare to Ali in speed, ability, stamina and will to win tho that's not Vlads fault. Ali on the other hand has met some of the hardest punchers in the divisions history and beaten them all. Why? Because he has one of the best chins...if not the best chin in the divisions history. Sure he was dropped but never stopped at his best and this is why I feel he would beat Vlad. Combine this with his handspeed and I see a win for Ali. Vlad has a potent right hand but it's the left hook that Ali was most susceptible to being hit with, especially in close ala Joe Frazier...who was NOT feather fisted by the way. What i see happening is Ali's sneaky right lead finding a home as the fight wears on. When it does Vlad increasingly becomes gun shy and Ali smells blood and if I'm right the fight's over from that point on. Boxing is all about styles and Ali I feel would be have an advantage here. Ali by decision or late round stoppage.
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