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Default Re: Muhammed Ali vs Wladimir Klitchsko - 12 Rounds No Decision

I guess I got carried away and forgot your stipulation Boilermaker. Taking that into account the fight could be very intertesting in that both fighters would have to change their approach to the match. While that would enhance Vlads chances it may also be his undoing in that he would have to engage Ali instead of opting to box from the outside and attempting to land his bombs while staying out of harms way. This nullifies his height advantage due to the fact that he has to get close...and often in order to go for the knockout. Given Ali's advantage in handspeed that might be a problem for Vlad...or a blessing in disguise. I can't really say. If i had to bet my life savings on the outcome I'd still go with Ali...Though I'd be praying to St. Jude the whole time.
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