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Originally Posted by IronJawSouthPaw View Post
Serious. *****es need to stop whining.

I check the accumulator sites like oddschecker periodically all week.

As soon as I see odds up for the weekend's big matches, up goes a thread. (usually)

I must have looked a dozen times last week for the Showtime triple-header but not one match was listed as of Friday evening. As of Friday when I left work, they had odds listed for the Top Rank card in Macao (and I put up the Estrada vs. Melindo vBookie thread on Friday morning) but nothing for any of the stuff on Showtime. The next thing down from Estrada vs. Melindo and Gradovich vs. Martinez in their chronological listings was Deontay Wilder vs. Sergei Liakhovich two weeks out.

So if they went up within 24 hours of the card airing, well, that's a bit late isn't it? Not exactly on me. I happened to be a little busy Friday night and Saturday during the day, and so it didn't work out. Yeah, I was on here for a bit - doing the FNF RBR and the Macao one in the morning...but I'm not going to pause in the middle of a RBR to prioritize a vBookie thread...and literally any second I wasn't doing those I was preparing my son's 1st b-day party for that afternoon.

So, this...

Originally Posted by klion22 View Post
Ib dropped the ball this weekend by not doing this fight and the Thurman fight.
is a bit of a bull**** statement, to be honest.

Blame the real-world bookies for having their heads up their asses for most of last week. There is no reason Berto vs. Soto Karass at least couldn't have been up there by Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday, Friday morning at the latest.
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